Honeycutt & Co.

 Honeycutt & Co. are from the foothills of the Carolinas where you find the best people, the best music and the best moonshine. Drawing from a rich history of music, influence isn't difficult to find in these old mountains. The Honeycutt & Co. experience is a dynamic show featuring rich vocals, smooth tone and an emotional delivery, bringing you a selection of old and new music to shape a pleasing sound.  Playing events from single artist acoustic acts, up to a five artist full band experience, Honeycutt & Co. will build a show to accommodate the needs of the venue or audience. Original music is our passion, as we are always writing and releasing new material while working with some of the area's best studio producers and musicians.  It's not hard to find Honeycutt & Co. playing live near you, as we play almost every weekend all over the southeast, so come on out and have a great time with Honeycutt & Co.

"Tomorrow night, there will be a band playing in Nashville that ain't half as good as these guys!"

-Artimus Pyle 
Lynyrd Skynyrd
(Hall of Fame Musician)

  Jeff Honeycutt is your average blue collar working man, but he's had a passion and talent for music since he was a child. He sang in school and church and has been building a career playing music, while being a dad and a husband, for more than 10 years. He's played for such local heavy hitters such as Catawba Damn Jam Band and Sidecar Honey, which has landed him on some big stages in the southeast such as the Orange Peel. Now he's taking his skills from the campfire to the bigger stages with Honeycutt & Co.
  Chris Singleton is a veteran player who has played with some of the greats, including Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers), Neil Carswell (Copperhead), Chris Cates, Bucky Covington and many more. He's also had his share of television time being featured on WNCW, Your Carolina Morning Show, WCYB and others. He Delivers.
  Jeff Honeycutt and Chris Singleton met by sheer chance when they were auditioning and playing for a band based out of Macdowell County, near where they lived. They knew shortly after meeting that they had something special, so they started Honeycutt & Co. which you know and love today. 
  Soon after, Don Hogan, who is an award-winning acoustic guitar player and guitar guru, heard what the guys were up to as an acoustic duo, and he was on board! Don is also a multi instrumentalist and will often use equipment from the future to bring elements of piano, violin, flute, and many others to the stage.
  Chris Pike, who holds a master’s degree in percussion from Berkley and is an overall wizard of all that is music, found the project at one of Jeff's open mic nights and had to be a part of it as well.
  Wes Cullars has worked with heavy hitters, such as Rick Beato and Rick Rodriguez. He and Chris Singleton have collaborated on many projects over the years, but Wes' feel for the instrument is the perfect accompaniment to the Honeycutt & Co. experience. He's an absolute pistol, and he brings passion and emotion to the stage that elevates the band to a new level.

  Aside from playing around 100 shows in 2023 alone, Honeycutt & Co. are working hard to bring you quality, heart felt original music and music videos. Be sure to check out new merch, music and videos that will debut on this website and our Youtube channel. Contact us for your next event or to play at your venue, and you will not be disappointed.